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The Cured in Cinemas

The Cured in CinemasPETER CAMPION, STUART GRAHAM, UNA KAVANAGH, BARRY MCGOVERN and ANNIE RYAN all appear in David Freyne's feature 'The Cured' now in cinemas [more]

Assassins at the Gate

Assassins at the GateRUTH MCGILL and SAM MCGOVERN are both in the cast of 'Assassins' which starts previews 12th April before opening 18th Apr at the Gate [more]

Michael Inside in Cinemas

Michael Inside in CinemasHAZEL DOUPE, SAM MCGOVERN and LALOR RODDY all star in 'Michael Inside' showing in Cinemas [more]

Plough in Dublin

Plough in DublinKATE BRENNAN, JANET MORAN, CIARAN O BRIEN and NYREE YERGAINHARSIAN all star in 'Plough and the Stars' which opens at the Gaiety Theatre 23rd April playing to May [more]

Waiting for Godot

Waiting for GodotAARON MONAGHAN stars in Druid Theatre Company's production of 'Waiting For Godot', which opens in Galway w/b 26th Feb before a nationwide tour in March and then playing in Washington DC and Chicago to June [more]

The Ferryman in London

The Ferryman in LondonDECLAN CONLON and STELLA MCCUSKER both star in 'The Ferryman' currently playing in the Gielgud Theatre in [more]