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  • Malcolm Adams

    Malcolm films on the feature 'Queen of Ice' directed by Anne Sewitsky th... View More

  • Andrew Bennett

    Andrew starts rehearsals 11th Oct for 'Playing the Dane; which pan pan Thea... View More

  • Charlie Bonner

    Charlie films on 'Striking Out II' for RTE end September... View More

  • Emmet Byrne

    Emmet films on the second series of 'Striking Out' for RTE to end September... View More

  • Peter Campion

    Peter will be filming 'Fright Shorts' for BBC in Sept in Belfast To view... View More

  • Liam Carney

    Liam films on 'The Virtues' with director Shane Meadows for Channel 4 in Se... View More

  • Declan Conlon

    Declan is currently in rehearsals for The Corn Exchange's production of 'No... View More

  • Craig Connolly

    Craig starts rehearsals 16th Oct for 'Let the Right One In' which opens at ... View More

  • Brendan Conroy

      To view Brendan’s SHOWREEL please click here Brendan's... View More

  • Ruaidhri Conroy

    ... View More

  • Lloyd Cooney

    Lloyd starts rehearsals 21st August for Sean Holmes' production of 'The Sea... View More

  • Simon Coury

    To view some of Simon's scenes https://www.mediafire.com/?2og16hyjjmh05g2... View More

  • Donncha Crowley

     Donncha is currently in Tokyo performing 'Waiting for Godot' for Mouth On... View More

  • David Crowley

    David films on 'Red Rock' for TV3 23rd Oct - 4th Nov... View More

  • Peter Daly

    Peter is currently in rehearsals for 'King of the Castle' which Garry Hyne... View More

  • Brian deSalvo

    To view Brian’s SHOWREEL please click here... View More

  • Sean Fox

    To View Sean's showreel: https://vimeo.com/203687703... View More

  • Peter Gowen

    Peter guests on RTE's 'Fair City' 21st Oct - 17th Nov To view Peter's sh... View More

  • Stuart Graham

    Stuart is currently appearing in 'The Ferryman' which plays at the Gielgu... View More

  • Stephen Jones

    Stephen is currently in rehearsals for 'Class' which plays the Civic and ... View More

  • Damian Kearney

      To view Damian’s SHOWREEL please click here... View More

  • Des Keogh

      To view Des’s SHOWREEL please click here... View More

  • Barry Keoghan

      To view Barry’s showreel go to http://vimeo.com/71736666 Pas... View More

  • Emmet Kirwan

      To view Emmet’s SHOWREEL please click here https://vimeo.com/15... View More

  • Edward MacLiam

    Edward films on 'Coming Home' for director Andrea Harkin Oct/Nov To view... View More

  • Brandon Maher

    To view Brandon's showreel: https://vimeo.com/222377513 , The passwo... View More

  • Barry McGovern

    Barry is currently appearing in 'Woyzeck in Winter'  at the Barbican Theat... View More

  • Sam McGovern

    ... View More

  • Ryan McParland

      To view Ryan’s showreel https://vimeo.com/204855079  and... View More

  • Brian Milligan

    HUNGER CLIPS: https://vimeo.com/88665327 THE FALLS 2 CLIPS: https://vime... View More

  • Aaron Monaghan

    In Sept and October Aaron films on the second series of 'Striking Out' for ... View More

  • Chris Newman

      To view Chris’ SHOWREEL please click https://vimeo.com/22795737... View More

  • Diarmuid Noyes

        To view Diarmuid’s SHOWREEL please click https://vime... View More

  • Barry O'Connor

    Barry films on the feature 'Justice.net' various dates Sept / Oct in Canada... View More

  • TJ O'Grady-Peyton

    TJ films on 'Justice.net' in October To view TJ's showreel: https://vim... View More

  • Ciaran O’Brien

    To View Ciaran's showreel: https://vimeo.com/233888040 https://youtu.... View More

  • Hugh O’Conor

    Hugh  will be filming on 'Queen of Ice' for director Anne Sewitsky in Oct... View More

  • Tom O’Suilleabhain

    ... View More

  • Jack Reynor

         ... View More

  • Lalor Roddy

    Lalor films on Carmel Winters' feature, 'Float Like a Butterfly' 11 Sept - ... View More

  • Paul Ronan

    Paul films on series two of Striking Out for RTE in September... View More

  • Tony Tormey

    Tony plays the regular character ”Paul Brennan” in RTE”s long running... View More

  • Paul Tylak

    Paul films on 'The Informer' for the BBC in October... View More

  • Fionn Walton

    To View Fionn's reel : https://vimeo.com/83399784 To view scenes from 'C... View More

  • Don Wycherley

      To view Don’s Showreel please click here... View More