Louise Geraghty

In Development: THE GHOST OF MOLLY KEENAN – John Kelleher Media.

Available Scripts: SHELL GAME – Thriller, Feature; THURSDAY’S CHILD – Thriller, Feature; DO YOU TAKE… – Romantic Comedy, Feature; MARYPATCHEEN MUST DIE – Comedy, Short.

Credits: LILLY THE WITCH – Magma Films, Trixter Film, Vivatoon; FOREIGN EXCHANGE – Magma Films, Southern Star Entertainment Pty.; NORMAN NORMAL– Magma Films; DRAGON’S ROCK – GUM Studios, Super RTL, TV-Loonland AG, Tevox; CUSTER’S LAST STAND UP – BBC, RTE; THE FAIRYTALER – Egmont Imagination, A. Film A/S, Magma Films, Super RTL, Danmarks Radio.

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24 Adelaide Street
Dun Laoghaire
Co Dublin